5 Clichés about Social Media Marketing You Should Avoid

Cliches about Social Media Marketing

Suppose you are the owner of a company and understand how critical the internet is to the business. Here we discuss the clichés about social media marketing.

If increasing sales is the way forward, then you must know how to survive in today’s society. You’ve probably heard hundreds of recommendations or perhaps established your view about how to implement any digital marketing plan for your business effectively.

Your competitors are doing precisely the same, so that it’s become a cliché for your potential consumers and may even create a negative image of your organization.

Know the five most common social media marketing clichés and the best ways to deal with them.

1. Our firm is the best

Our firm is the bestThis slogan may be found on billboards, banners, Google Ads, social media posts, and email newsletters, among other places. There is a firm everywhere whose moniker is the most delicate business in the sector. The wonderful reality is that in a company, particularly in the B2B sector, it’s pretty unusual to have some divergence that makes it the greatest in a segment in general. Even if using superlatives to praise yourself is accurate, it might be a bad indicator for a possible business opportunity. Not to add that self-regulatory regulations prohibit any firm from using superlatives to describe itself.

2. Excessive Positivism

Close up hand choose smiley face and blurred sad face icon on wood cubeDo you recall seeing a corporate landing page with the top picture of an individual celebrating success or an image of a group of people taking part in exaggerated celebrations for anything? Then you have encountered digital marketing’s excessive optimism. Such excessive positive behaviour might make your firm less distinctive because it depicts an imaginary environment. Your client may view a fantastical circumstance as an attempt to deceive them about the quality of your job, so you should utilize a picture that shows your organization or services depict more authentic and realistic scenarios.

3. We want to be noticed

We want to be noticedSocial media is a limitless field of opportunities, and there are numerous ways to leverage them through social media marketing. Many social media platforms charge a “sponsor fee” to facilitate the account and the hosting services for hosting your account’s posts. In the case of social media platforms, sponsored content must reside on their site, and they charge a flat fee per “view” on your social media account. That is a prevalent model used with social media networks, and it’s a very efficient way for publishers to monetize their content. Many websites and brands that are successful with social media platforms rely heavily on sponsored content. But open clinginess towards such social media accounts and bombarding audiences with ‘Not-so-relevant’ posts give away the appearance of ‘Insecurity’ towards your branding. That is a message you do not want to publish. Instead, thrive towards providing value for your customers. Showing great content for free is also one such way. A senior expert at Edumagnate.com suggested same.

4. My website must be at the top of Google’s SERP

My website must be at the top of Google's SERPGoogle is the most prominent search engine people use for all of their queries. People around the globe are experiencing shorter attention spans, so only the first ‘4’ query results are the ones that get viewed. Still, if the user does not find the results relevant, they will likely change the query rather than looking for more results. Websites thus invest more resources towards ‘ranking’ their websites on search engines like Google; this is known as SEO – ‘Search Engine Optimization’ that any marketer should understand as there are multiple ways for your site to rank. Some are lengthy but get the job done, and others are ‘shady’ that might give you ‘immediate gratification, but in the most cases, they get flagged and are forever banned from Google. Moving towards making your website no. 1 is one of the primary goals of social media marketers but refrain from forcing the person to take up any such shady methods to do so.

5. My entire business is conducted online

My entire business is conducted onlineThat is one of the major misunderstandings of businesses nowadays. We only leverage social media to get the leads, but the value transaction happens between two parties over trust and mutual benefit. Work towards creating such an environment that rewards good behaviour, belief, pro-activity, and accountability of your employees. That is undoubtedly the best tested and trialled way to make a business grow.

Social media platforms and marketing are changing every day and with an awareness of the above mentioned cliches you should be able to utilize social media marketing more effectively.

Disclaimer: All images used in blog posts are from stock photo websites such as Pexels, Pixabay, Unsplash and we cannot guarantee the validity of the information found here whereby we cannot be held liable. You are solely responsible for how you use this content.

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