How To Market Your Fashion Side Hustle To Boost Sales


The new year is here, and people are already busy growing their businesses in 2023. Whether you have just started your own clothing brand or worked in the industry for years, chances are that you want to do everything possible to build your brand and grow your revenue.

There are many methods for increasing revenue, but obviously many depend on budget, skill, or even some learning on your behalf. That is what owning a business is all about, learning new skills and taking on jobs that you may have yet to do.

The fashion industry is an extremely competitive industry to be in, and it is ever growing so it pays to be at the forefront of your industry with new and innovative marketing efforts, both digital marketing and the rest of your marketing.

Not only your marketing but your designs, your positioning, or just something truly unique with your product. It can often feel overwhelming, and for good reason! You have to keep on top of trends, but you also need to be innovative and creative to win over your competitors.

In this article, we will go through how to market your fashion side hustle to boost sales.

Create an SEO and user-friendly website

user-friendly-website-opens-in-tab-laptop-and-computerThe first thing that any business owner needs is a user-friendly cheap website that is well-optimised for search engines. This is not only a long-term marketing strategy, but it is also going to be your shop front, so it pays to get this right the first time. Look at some of your favourite brand’s websites for inspiration and to understand what they provide. Having organic traffic come to your website should be your first priority.

The website should have everything you provide, images and everything should be easy to navigate. Next, it needs to be optimised for search engines with relevant keywords on each page. For example, if you provide luxury clothing like Gods Gift world, then this should be a keyword implemented on your home page. If you provide streetwear t-shirts, then this should also be a keyword on the relevant page.

Here are some things to consider:

  • Create engaging content on trending topics in your industry
  • Perform thorough keyword research before writing content
  • Add relevant keywords to landing pages, metadata, and titles
  • Use schema to make SERPS more enticing
  • Improve load speed and other technical aspects

Tell a compelling brand story

apple-brand's-laptop-on-a-desk-with-bookIf you own a fashion business, it’s important to tell a compelling brand story to connect with the target audience and create a distinct brand image. When you create a brand story, this helps to create your brand image.

Brands that are authentic and have a story of how they started are much more likely to be remembered and offer lasting impressions to resonate with their audience. If you want your audience to hear about your brand and catch news headings, then you need to create a story to create great first impressions. You can do this by creating a detailed “about us” page.

Leverage your social media marketing

finger-on-mobile-and-images-on-social-media-plateformNow you have your long-term strategy in place, it’s time to get some quick wins. One of the cheapest and most effective methods is to utilise social media marketing. If you have the time and are prepared to put in the effort, this can save you money.

Both organic and paid social media methods are great at reaching your target audience and also finding new audiences. As your business grows, you can use social media tools to your advantage to further increase your conversions.

Here are some tips to start:

  • Select the correct platforms where your audiences are most active.
  • Create a brand voice and be consistent
  • Post regular content and be consistent
  • Add your web link in the bios
  • Use hashtags
  • Use social media ads if you have a budget

Invest in your analytics from the start

pen-pointing-on-a-graph-for-business-analyticsHaving a marketing strategy is one thing, but if you have no data to go off, it can sometimes be pointless. Having a data-driven marketing strategy will give you that edge over your competitors which makes your strategy more effective. When you are a small business, mistakes can be catastrophic for your business, everything needs to be done correctly the first time. Data and analytics can help you to prevent mistakes.

This may sound expensive, but there are many free tools or affordable options to use. For your social media, their own analytics on the platforms are great to work with as they provide the essential information that you need. Similarly, for your website data, Google Analytics is great for all traffic data and to find out what pages are working better than others.


If you have a small business and are trying to build your audience and increase revenue, then it is a great idea to start with these strategies and move from there. These techniques are tried and tested and have proven to work well for other brands.

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