How To Define Your Brand When Starting Out


If you have a brand that needs some work to get the customers you need and want, then you need a solid brand strategy. If people don’t know about you, then how can anyone purchase your product or hire your service? They simply can’t.

Brand awareness is an essential part of your business and is probably one of the most important factors in growing your business. By making more people aware of your brand and what you provide, more people will come to you and help you to make a profit at the end of the day, you’re not running this business from the goodness of your own heart, you want money.

By learning to grow your business on a budget, you will be able to identify where your brand is positioned and where it should be to make you the most profit. In this article, we will go through some simple strategies to take into consideration when building your brand.

It is important to understand that none of these tips are overnight wonders, but by putting in the time and effort, they will bring results and they build momentum.

4 Steps To Growing Your Brand On A Budgetsteps-to-growing-your-brand-on-a-budget-when-starting-out

When you have your business and are now looking at branding it, it can be difficult to determine where to start, especially when you don’t have an unlimited budget. The issue with having a small budget is you must be extremely creative in how you spend your marketing and branding budget, here are a few ways that can help to get the most out of your budget.

1. Understand Your Target Personas

understand-your-target-personas-to-define-your-brand-when-starting-outWho does your business cater to? What types of people are they? Do they have any specific characteristics?

These questions may seem obvious, but I can promise you that there will be some people you never thought of. When we talk about buyer personas, they are fictitious biographies of your perfect customer. This describes these characters in every sense such as their goals in life, their achievements, their habits, what they struggle with, problems in life, their demographics, and much more information that will give these personas the feel of a real person.

By asking and answering all these questions, you will be able to get to know them more intimately meaning that each of your pieces of content is aimed at those people which will in turn make your brand much more relevant to some people.

2. Develop Your Own Brand Voice

develop-your-own-brand-voice-to-define-your-brand-when-starting-outA brand voice is another factor that will help you to define how you sound to people. It’s what makes you more memorable. There are many brands that have a great brand voice, one example could be Alex Costa and his fashion blog, he has turned his blog into a brand and lifestyle that people want to follow.

He portrays his tone of voice in his blog to all his other content whether this is video or articles. This is exactly what you want from your business as it is consistent, which is extremely important to keep your tone of voice and branding consistent throughout all platforms.

The voice of the brand should resemble the tone you speak to your family or friends which in turn sounds friendly and outgoing. If you are struggling with building a reputable brand, there are some fantastic branding agencies Manchester based and Leeds for some of the best talents in the country.

3. Build A Consistent Social Media Presence

build-a-consistent-social-media-presence-to-define-your-brand-when-starting-outHaving social media profiles on relevant platforms is a necessity for any business in 2022, whether this is to keep your customers updated or to start creating ads to target more users, it is just part of a business’s tool base.

Many consumers and prospective clients come to social media for information and entertainment, so it only makes sense to show your business on these platforms that they are on. This way, you can build a strong following. 58% of people on social media follow at least one brand on their profile, so it is certainly worth being on there.

To do this correctly and target the best audiences, you first need to find out where most of your audience is and whether your business suits those profiles. For example, if you are a clothing or jewellery brand, you are going to want to show up on Facebook and Instagram. If you were aiming to be a brand for a service, then LinkedIn may be the best option. Another factor that needs to be correct is your branding on the profiles. Consistent branding is essential as people may get confused if your branding is different on each profile.

4. Devote To Customer Service

devote-to-customer-service-to-define-your-brand-when-starting-outA brand is not only known for its bold branding colours, logo, or tone of voice, but they are also widely recommended through its customer service. If you have two businesses that sell the same thing, and one is slightly more expensive, the user will often look at the delivery times, product reviews, and customer service reviews to make their decision on who to use. You can use creative incentives to get new customers to get more customer reviews that will boost your brand.

With these 4 steps, you should be equipped to define your brand effectively when starting your business.

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