3 Simple & Effective Marketing Tips For Your Jewellery Store

Marketing Tips For Your Jewellery Store

Having a marketing strategy for your jewellery business is essential, whether you are selling high-end jewellery or more affordable pieces. Here we give you effective marketing tips for jewellery store.

The jewellery industry continues to grow year on year, as does the competition, so if you don’t already have a strong strategy in place, now is the time to implement one. You can see how many top Hatton Garden Jewellers compete with one another in London alone, which makes unique marketing inevitable.

From engaging social media content to optimising your website and creating a blog, we are here to help you take your jewellery business to another level!

1. Create Engaging Social Media Content


The first thing you can do to market your jewellery is to create engaging social media content. Anyone can create basic social media posts but knowing your target audience and creating tailored and engaging content is another story! Make sure that you spend time taking great quality photos to showcase your products with interesting and relevant captions, as well as discussing relevant industry news, highlighting positive customer reviews, and engaging with customers in the comments. You could also create an interesting series to highlight a particular topic once a week or month, such as different vintage jewellery eras or an insight into different gemstones.

Then, you should also create video content of products, process videos of how the products get to customers, answer frequently asked questions, make the most of trends and create and edit videos that encourage engagement such as sparking conversation about particular products. Don’t forget to have fun with this as well, as users really respond to that. As you start to create content, you should be able to gauge what users enjoy and use that to indicate where your focus should be moving forwards.

2. Optimise Your Website


Moving away from social media, it is key to optimise your website to make sure that you successfully bring traffic to the site. This is called SEO (search engine optimisation) and involves a wide range of things, but the best thing you can do when you first start is to do keyword research to optimise the website.

Using a keyword research tool, you should find one or multiple relevant keywords for each main category page on the website. By relevant keyword, we mean a phrase that closely describes the products on the page, e.g. ‘art deco engagement rings’ or ‘vintage diamond cluster rings’. The closer the description to the products on that page the better, as it increases the chance that people landing on that page will find what they’re looking for and make a purchase. It is also important to find a balance between relevance and search volume, as you want to make sure that enough people search for the keyword each month, so it is worthwhile targeting.

You would then use the keyword you have identified for a particular page in the content and headings, then repeat the process with a different keyword on the next category page. This is easier said than done, so working with an SEO company is definitely advised if you don’t have much experience in this area. Getting this right the first time can really help to take your business to another level.

3. Write Useful Content and Create A Blog


Last but not least, we have blogs! There are so many benefits to blogging, including driving traffic to your website, providing your customers interesting content, it can help with brand awareness, it can improve the text to HTML ratio (linked to SEO) and you can build trust with relevant blogs that show you are an expert in your field.

Once every few months, spend some time doing market research to find out what is relevant in the jewellery industry at that time, what people are wanting to know about and how your knowledge could fill a gap in the market in terms of information that isn’t currently available. From tutorials to industry news, current events, case studies, and trends such as engagement rings for men for example, think outside the box when it comes to your blog posts, whilst making sure that the content is always relevant to your audience.

Final Thoughts

Creating a solid marketing strategy for your business has never been more important, so now is the time to take the leap and invest in this vital area of your business. If you aren’t sure where to begin, it would be worth working with reputable agencies to give you the kickstart you need to enter this new space!

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