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Betslayer-Arbitrage Betting

Betslayer was created by a guy named Max somewhere around 2014-2015. At the start, it was designed for personal use only based on his own arbitrage algorithm & odd scanner. Eventually, due to popular demand, Betslayer became a business and the website was launched. The mission was to help people earn a side income by beating the bookies through arbitrage betting. An arbitrage opportunity is when the odds of bookmakers are so far apart that we can bet on all outcomes and still make a profit. For example, if Liverpool were playing Arsenal and Ladbrokes were offering odds of 2.20 on Liverpool to win and Coral were offering odds of 2.10 on Arsenal to win or draw (double chance), then it would be an arbitrage opportunity.

If you were to place £100 on each of these bets you would have bet a total of £200. However, if Liverpool win, you’d get back £220 from Ladbrokes and if they lose or draw you’d get back £210 from Coral. Making a profit whatever the outcome.

Here are the core features of the software:

  • Supports 32+ bookmakers
  • Mobile & desktop compatibility
  • Football, Baseball, Basketball, Tennis & Handball Arbs
  • Simple table layout, with filter features
  • ‘Add to betslip’ functionality
  • Free arbitrage betting courses and walkthroughs
  • 7 day free trial, and 14 day money back guarantee
  • Biggest arbitrage betting facebook community
  • Arbs updated in real time

More About Betslayer

One of the first things I noticed using Betslayer is that unlike other programs you don’t have to download or install anything. Simply go to the website and log in to your account to get access. Also I noticed that Betslayer offers both mobile & desktop compatibility, 32+ bookmakers, and ongoing support.

arbitrage betting for betsalyer

First you use the filter to input what bookie accounts you have open.

open a betslayer account


Then you set rounding rules & your exchange commissions. Once you see an arbitrage opportunity you want to take, simply click on the entry from the Betslayer list.

Arbitrage betting list from betslayer

This will open the event view and you will see more details about the odds and stakes needed for risk-free profit.

Finally, there’s the Add to betslip feature. Some of the bookies allow you to directly open the bookie’s website and add the outcome you need to the betslip. Of course, always double check the odds & outcomes before proceeding or you risk losing money There is also a profit tracker so you can keep on track of your profits. There are a couple of other things I would like to share. For a start, there’s a 7-day free trial which allows you to check how Betslayer works before committing to a monthly subscription. On top of that, there is a 14-day money back guarantee on every purchase.


Betslayer is a great tool for earning a side income through arbitrage betting. There is great content to help you learn & a risk-free trial & money back guarantee meaning you have nothing to lose. The only downside is you will have to commit a few hours learning the ropes of the software, after which you should be good to go.


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