5 Reliable Communication Apps For Your Remote Employees


Looking at the statistics, 44% of employees work remotely five days per week after the COVID-19 pandemic. The rate rose from only 17% during the pre-pandemic season.

Nobody thought that remote work would last for a long time. But it’s only appropriate for companies to provide employees with utmost comfortability in this day and age. In return, businesses could also cut back on electrical expenses.

And nowadays, new companies have decided to go fully remote for a healthier environment, as remote working can reduce CO2 emissions. Another reason is that there are thousands of talented employees worldwide that will help their startups survive and succeed.

One of the fundamental aspects of having an effective team is proper communication. But how do you communicate while working from home?

With this new setup, numerous remote working apps have surfaced in the market. But what are the most reliable remote working apps your company can utilize for remote employees?

Reliable Remote Working Apps

Luckily, there are some reliable communication tools available for your employees. Here are some apps to help your team communicate regularly without any lapses:

1. CloudApp


CloudApp is a competent and innovative visual communication tool. It provides several features such as webcam recording, screen recorder, GIF creation, screenshot for PC and mac, image annotation, etc.

So instead of typing a long and tedious email, you can record yourself while explaining what’s on your mind. You can also use it to illustrate how to do a particular task, and your co-workers can rewatch it for convenience.

And if you need extra help, it features an annotation feature. It allows you to draw circles, arrows, and text boxes while you’re recording.

CloudApp is a highly powerful app that’s relatively easy to use. Its user-friendly interface and multiple perks make it a reliable communication app that remote workers benefit from.

2. Slack

best-remote-working-platformsSlack is an all-time favourite communication tool made famous by younger workers. And now, seasoned businesses have started utilizing it. This tech-savvy app mixes three powerful and essential communication features: text, audio, and video call. It’s an all-in-one package that improves employee engagement. As a result, remote workers can use it to converse with one another without leaving their homes. You can also exchange files such as images, videos, PDFs, and more.

Another perk is that you can separate teams into their channels. So, for example, you can have a channel for all employees, another channel exclusively for managers, and so on. You can also group people for new projects and such. And unlike lengthy email chains, members can quickly leave and join channels whenever they want to.

In addition, members can use the searchable history feature to look up previous chat exchanges instead of manually scrolling through the entire channel.

3. Microsoft Teams


If you’re looking for an alternative to Slack, you can always rely on Microsoft Teams. It also has text, audio, video call features, and file-sharing capabilities. And as an added perk, you can also have web conferences and live events for up to 10,000 members.

Moreover, it’s a great tool to keep your company data secured. For example, only your team members can access all group chats, so you won’t need to worry about data breaches.

Oh, and you can also record these meetings for future reference! Plus, it’s compatible with Office 365. So, if your company regularly uses Office, you’ll appreciate how these two apps seamlessly integrate.

4. Connecteam

Apps-for-Managing-Remote-TeamsWith the help of Connecteam, the remote teams within your company will have the chance to manage and communicate with newly hired employees. In addition, it provides an easy-to-use interface that you can customize.

Some of its incredible features are:

  • Employee time clock
  • Employee scheduling
  • Employee ask management
  • Employee communication
  • Employee training and knowledge system
  • Managing checklists and forms

Remote working apps provide a seamless onboarding process and training. And this particular tool helps employees track progress using visual insights, professional teams, and analysing performance using questionnaires. Connecteam offers a straightforward process that allows users to create content, modify administrative access, prioritize tasks, supervise trainees, etc.

5. ClickUp

Tools-for-Communication-While-Working-RemotelyBecause your employees are doing their work outside the office, it’s essential to provide accessible tools to help them collaborate. And lucky for you, ClickUp is precisely that. It’s an OS application that’ll make planning tasks and supervising your team’s progress more effortless than ever. It even has a feature where users may cut out emails for action-based communications, create reminders, establish clear instructions, and review weekly targets.

Moreover, it also allows users to:

  • Filter out proper workflow
  • Choose their preferred work views
  • Track target tasks and their deadlines for convenience
  • Adjust timelines
  • Have a clear grasp of a project’s progress

By investing in this reliable remote working app, your employees will have better camaraderie by being aware of one another’s timetable and workload. As a result, your company will become a well-oiled machine in no time, thanks to improved remote productivity.

Final Words

As technology advances and the world shifts into the digital age, remote working apps pop out of nowhere. However, it’s essential to find the best tool for your team because it will determine your productivity and efficacy despite working remotely.

Remember that you’ll have to try out many different apps before finding the right one for your business. It might be a tedious task but keep your eyes on the goal — it will be worth it. And don’t worry because you can use multiple remote working apps and delegate tasks depending on your preferences.

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