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Are you interested in blogging, or are you a guru in blogging? Do you wish your blog posts to be read worldwide? WordPress is the solution to your answers; it is proven that if you what to build your website by using WordPress, you will not go wrong. Refer to the world’s best WordPress hosting site.

Although there are different blogging platforms, WordPress is considered the most powerful Content Management System (CMS). It powers more than 35% of all sites on the internet, making it a leading platform. More than an 80million blogs globally run on WordPress, this means that around 20 new posts are published on this platform every minute. Below is a guide of what you must know about WordPress.

WordPress is not only used for blogging

Wordpress is not only for blogging

The main purpose of establishing this platform was used for blogging, but the developers realized it could be used to do much with it. For instance, everything from an e-commerce site is behind WordPress.

Because this platform is still the greatest in blogging, it can also create a primary online site for a local business or a massive store selling thousands of products.

The WordPress is Absolutely Free

When using this platform, you will not pay a dime for it, but you can make changes if, by any chance, you want to site’s code. When using WordPress, any site can be used under it, and as well you can use as many websites as you want (unlimited) without purchasing any additional licenses.

WordPress will also provide tens of thousands of themes, templates, and plugins for free; this is of utmost importance because it can customize your content to your desired outlook. Besides, you can create your premium themes and plugins to earn funds.

One can Earn a Living Without Working with Clients

You remember all those premium themes and plugins I mentioned above? You can seriously get a good amount of money by creating and selling these themes and plugins; for instance, a company like Woo Themes started creating this themes back in 2008. WordPress’s parent company purchased all these themes for around $30 million cash.

Look, the main point here is that you can make good money without working directly with clients and you a good living. Being the fact that you don’t have to work with an employer, this will give you the advantage of flexibility you want in your career with minimum disturbance.

Skills from WordPress are Useful even Being a Developer is Your Turn off

Being a developer is not only the tech advantage one can acquire from WordPress skills. Business-minded individuals or entrepreneurs can benefit from knowing WordPress; this could be because it is the basic and an excellent tool for setting a website business. This could be landing pages, developing online stores, and many more. Knowing how to customize themes and install plugins can enable you to save tons of money when you are a beginner.

Skills obtained from WordPress can also be helpful to marketers and can be used to publish a blog post and create landing pages. Knowing how WordPress’s code works will give you the advantage of not waiting for developers to make some minor changes or setting up a new page or website.

This skills will enable you to work as an employee, where you can find jobs working with the platform at companies that run their sites on WordPress. The skills will also get you a job as a developer or designer or in marketing.

High Profile Brands use WordPress

high profile brands use wordpress

Since most websites use this platform, high-profile brands like CNN’s blogs are built on WordPress. Some brands are The New Yorker, The Next Web, and many others more. If these brands employ this platform and are powerful enough to entail the brands, it is powerful for any site you may need to build.

WordPress is a Unique Blogging Platform

The first thing about WordPress is open-source software. This also neither means that the platform is nor restricted under copyright and trademark. This makes it freely available for anyone to download and modify (under General Public License). This makes this platform to be developed and maintained by a community.  

Plugins will enable you to add Some Function to WordPress without Coding

plugins will be enabled

This can, to some point, lets you extend what it is capable of doing through the use of plugins; plugins are readily available. Some are free while others are paid for; they can do anything you necessarily write down codes from scratch.

More than 40,000 free plugins in the official WordPress directory do not include any of the premium plugins, which can most likely increase more functions on your sites. WordPress’s language is known as PHP; if you know this language, you can further customize any plugin you may be in need of, or you can also build your plugin from scratch.

WordPress is the Great for Freelancers

The WordPress skills are used for bloggers, marketing consultants, and SEO consultants and can freelance as a WordPress specialist. By any chance you want to offer essential services like set up theme customization or a fully customized site with all sorts of back-end programming, there are numerous opportunities.  Just a few months (three months), you shall have acquired enough skills to get you started as a freelancer; it is advised to start with customizing themes and perhaps setting up new WordPress in less time; later on, try and learn to do even more over time.

WordPress Offers Easily Manageable Sites and can be Used for Membership Sites.

WordPress has been around for a long it was released in 2003; this makes it easy to manage in terms of both maintenance and as per the client’s perspective of managing the content on the site. In addition, the free support from the community also offers excellent support available from a variety of developers. If you experience a problem by chance, you can always hire somebody to fix it for you or fix it on your own.

Setting up a members-only site is easy when using WordPress plugins because there are numerous members-only site plugins; some are paid, and some are free. The membership plugins can create premium content, and much more use these to create free and paid membership sites.

WordPress popular and globally known because it offers a solution to a wide variety of issues. This platform can be employed by both beginners and seasoned (experienced) to create blogs, growing e-commerce sites. Try WordPress today with the world’s best WordPress hosting plans by SeekaHost.

Disclaimer: All images used in blog posts are from stock photo websites such as Pexels, Pixabay, Unsplash and we cannot guarantee the validity of the information found here whereby we cannot be held liable. You are solely responsible for how you use this content.

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