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EHIC – European Health Insurance Card For UK Citizens

EHICIf you ask any UK citizen what they cherish most about being citizens of their nation, most will say that it’s the fact that they have a robust healthcare system. Health is a priority for people regardless of their age, gender or social status. Without a proper insurance cover for you and your family, you could spend so much in hospital expenditures. The European Health Insurance Card was introduced after replacing the traditional insurance card used by Britons when visiting the EU. It is used by Swiss residents as well as UK citizens to obtain medical attention even while not in their home country but visiting an EEU country. The card has enabled thousands of people across the UK get out of sticky situations during medical emergencies like unplanned births.

The card is also helpful when it comes to dealing with chronic illnesses. Just the fact that you have a chronic condition should not stop you from enjoying your holiday across Europe. As long as you have the card with you, you will be able to access public healthcare facilities just like a citizen of that country would. Here are just some of the benefits of having the EHIC card with you;

  • Covered medical expenses; in most cases, you will be cleared off all medical bills if you are a card holder. Who does not want to enjoy such great advantage in the face of an illness? So the card is worth having. However, there are some cases where your nationality will determine if you will pay a small amount towards the bill. If you need to make a refund, you will need to produce receipts to your insurance company.
  • Flexibility in application process; we are all not interested in lengthy and time consuming application process. So you will enjoy the simple and straightforward online application system of the EU health insuarance card which is found on the official website. It is free and open to all citizens of the EEA. There also social media platforms like EHIC Facebook page where you can find more info on the process involved in applying for the card. So the card is just a click away and this much flexibility is so refreshing.
  • Ease of mind when traveling; you do not need to worry about how you would handle medical situations when out of your country. The card ensures you enjoy you stay in the country of your choice as long as it is within the EU country.
  • Maternal care; pregnancy is a period of time with unexpected turns so it is best to be prepared especially when you are going on holiday. Change of environment may cause an upset in the normal routine of a woman and therefore further checkup is needed. Maternal care is provided for those with the card and therefore gives you complete peace of mind.
  • Long shelf life; it will take you 5 years for the card to expire. All this time you will need just to provide the card with you at any public healthcare and relax as the specialists check on you. Another advantage of the card’s durability is the fact that you can renew it long before it expires.

The EHIC card is proving to be a real blessing to all UK residents. It is a true cover for a family and so even children who have not yet reached 18 years can still benefit from the card if the parent applies on therefore behalf. So if you are traveling with your family members across Europe ensure you carry this card with you at all times, along with your travel insurance card. It will save you much trouble and unpleasant surprises.

Business Services

SEO For Businesses In Sri Lankan And Why You Should Rank Soon

As a business owner in Sri Lanka, am sure your goal at the end of the day is to make more sales, enhance your profitability, and basically outdo your competitors. However, achieving this may not be as easy as it sounds. Your competitors have similar ambitions; thus the best thing for you would be to ensure that your business has a good website. A good website is the surest way to catapult your business, however small or large, to a broader community of potential customers.

Does my business in Sri Lanka really need a website?

  • The answer is a big Yes! Sri Lanka is witnessing a growing middle class that is young, tech savvy, and globally connected. There’s also another segment in Diaspora, that wants to keep in touch with what’s happening back home.
  • When these people want to know about the best place around to dine, shop, watch a movie, have fun; they have to goggle it on the internet.
  • When searching for results, the first business names that come on top is where they’ll click, and if the site is well designed, they’ll navigate through; see goods or services offered, prices, your contacts, and payment modes, and so on so forth.

So, how can my business name be on top of Google always?

To have your Sri Lanka business ranked on the first pages of the search engine, you need to get a SEO.  He is like a physician; he’ll help you arrange and organize the contents of your site, help optimize the site so that even someone accessing it on a mobile phone has a great experience.

Remember, the more highly ranked you are on the search engines, the more the traffic to your website. The more traffic to your website, the wider your pool of potential customers; it is up to your marketing skills now to convince those visiting your site to buy your goods or services.


Make sure that you go for an experienced and qualified SEO company in Sri Lanka, so that you’re assured of the best results.

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